Career Mapping Diagram

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Career Mapping Diagram by Mind Map: Career Mapping Diagram

1. Academics

1.1. Good GPA

1.1.1. By studying with friends, getting tips from older students and going to professor's office hours getting a good GPA will help me succeed better in the future.

1.2. The Correct Classes

1.2.1. By following the tracks that UF has set up to help me reach my possible career goals I will be able to achieve my career goals in a faster and more efficient manner.

2. Organizations and Clubs

2.1. Florida Cicerones

2.1.1. This organization gets involved with many events that occur on campus. This organization can help me immerse into other groups that can help me in my future careers.

2.2. Student Society for Musicology

2.2.1. This organization is an organization that according to their website "provides a professional extracurricular environment for the study of musicology and ethnomusicology at the University of Florida". This will help increase my knowledge of music and its field.

2.3. L.E.A.P.

2.3.1. L.E.A.P. is an organization that pairs underclassmen with upperclassmen in the medicine and health profession field. This will help me gain experience and advice from upperclassmen who have gone through the same things as me in order to reach my career.

3. Social Life

3.1. Friends

3.1.1. Keeping connections with friends in different fields will help me in my future career and further my connections.

3.2. Social Events

3.2.1. Going to social events that the University of Florida offers can help me try to figure out what field I want to be in and they can help me get on track in those possible careers.

4. Volunteering

4.1. Community Band

4.1.1. A volunteering opportunity like this will help me immerse myself in the music field. It will help me build connections with the people in the industry and will help further my career goals.

4.2. Overseas Medical Aide Organizations

4.2.1. These type of organizations will help enhance my medical and health education. If I volunteer abroad in hospitals or other medical care facilities it will increase my chance of getting into a good med school