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Jim Crow Laws by Mind Map: Jim Crow Laws

1. Who is Jim Crow

1.1. Jim Craw wasn't actually a real person but a character the white actor Thomas Dartmouth created. the character was a slave who told jokes and it was very popular in the 1820s. The character's popularity died and it was later used to name the laws that legalized segregation against black people.

2. Brief history about the Jim Crow Laws.

2.1. After the Civil War, the constitution had promised black people to have the same legal protection and citizenship as white people. Things were starting to look better until white supremacists took power and started the "Jim Crow Laws".

2.2. This laws meant to segregate black people took over the south of the U.S. With time, the Supreme Court started passing laws to separate blacks and whites, then taking men's right to vote.

2.3. When WW II started, the comparison between white supremacists and Hitler's "supreme race" came to light and president Harry Truman began to promote race equality. That started the downfall of the Jim Crow Laws

3. Which states supported the Jim Crow Laws

3.1. Mostly the south of the U.S.

4. Examples

4.1. Marriage - White and blacks couldn't get married with each other. Hospitalization - Whites and blacks couldn't be in the same floor Toilets - Toilets had to be separate between races Buses - Blacks couldn't seat in white spaces Schools - Blacks couldn't go to a white school and whites couldn't use material previously used by blacks. Burial - Blacks couldn't get buried in white areas.