Manuel Tijerino

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Manuel Tijerino by Mind Map: Manuel Tijerino

1. Additional notes

1.1. Two strategies: 1) Target restaurants to promote the app to their customer base

1.2. 2) Target customers to use the food delivery service direct (Manuel says this is a better strategy so we'll start with this)

1.3. Drivers: No issue at all - it's easy to get drivers. People want to be drivers - one Craigslist and they get tons of application.

2. Current status

2.1. They have 3 drivers right now and the company is making $1,800 a month (in profits) - Consistent: For the past 6 months all organic - per driver: $600 in profits

2.2. Revenue: customers who order the food who pay the delivery fees. Restaurants don't pay anything.

2.3. Sales process: 4 x 6 cards postcards - we give give them to customers and leave them at restaurants

2.4. Profit per order: $2 x 10 orders a day = $20 / day x 30 days = $600 per driver. For the customers, it's $8 fee + distance. The driver keeps the rest.

3. Biggest challenges

3.1. He has zero understanding of marketing. He has a coding background - been coding since 2003.

4. FOR CLIENT: Before we launch

4.1. High quality photos: He's got a logo. That's it. His sister's is the graphics designer.

4.2. Testimonials:

4.3. Email database:

4.4. Videos:

5. USP

5.1. Food delivery - Uber Eats 35% fee to the restaurants is the only competition. We don't charge restaurants anything.

5.2. People don't need to create an account to get food delivered to them

6. Ads

6.1. Campaign objectives

6.1.1. Conversions - Pixel on thank you page

6.2. Targeting / ad sets

6.2.1. Demographic Local - busy professionals Age: 18-55

6.2.2. Interests Food

6.2.3. Behavior Restaurant eaters

6.2.4. Keywords

6.3. Placements

6.3.1. desktop

6.3.2. mobile

6.4. Angles

6.5. Creatives

6.5.1. Use video ads 2:3 for mobile 1:1 for desktop

6.6. KPI(s)

6.6.1. $2 profit per delivery

6.6.2. $600 profit / driver

6.7. Daily ad spend budget

6.7.1. Kyle said with $2K and we'll make $18K a month. He doesn't know.

6.8. Phase A

6.8.1. Keep testing different products and audiences

6.8.2. Spend $1,000 minimum and look at the numbers CPC CTR CPL CPSS Conversion %

6.8.3. As soon as we have a solid 200-300% ROI campaign, move to Phase B

6.9. Phase B

6.9.1. Focus in on dialling in the ads by testing new creatives, videos, ad copies, headlines

6.9.2. Dial in the funnel as well split test headlines split test whole landing pages

6.9.3. As soon as we reach the threshold of maximum ROAS, move to Phase C

6.10. Phase C

6.10.1. Scale 15% every other day

6.10.2. Duplicate performing ad sets

6.10.3. Duplicate campaign, change optimisation to PPE / WC

6.10.4. Duplicate campaign and change the CC / pixel we optimise for

6.10.5. Discuss advanced strategies with Consultant

7. Niche

7.1. We want to target customers who order food. You just go to iringitup website and order. They can choose what's on the app.

7.2. They are ALL local in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

7.3. No tracking - no data on what type of people who order.

8. Offer(s)


9. Goal(s)

9.1. $18,000 (so they want to 10X current sales)

9.2. 3 drivers right now they want to do 30 drivers

9.3. We want to promote the web application. No app store app.

9.4. Sales person said: "We can get you there in 90 days." Kyle