solutions to human trafficking

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solutions to human trafficking by Mind Map: solutions to human trafficking

1. Solution 3 : volunteering at anti-trafficking organisations or charities such as "Unseen" to help spread the word about how large this problem is. By raising donations to help fund projects such as the resettlement scheme, where they help to rehabilitate and re-home victims. From my research I found that they are one of the only charities that offer a psychological rehabilitation process.

1.1. S - this requires people volunteering and it could be hard to find people willing to help as its a big commitment with no pay

1.2. T - charities web pages are now much easier to use and easier to get in touch with.

2. Solution 4 : Informing. You can help by passing on any information to you local police office or by ringing one of the charities anonymous help lines . This would help identifying ring leaders and ultimately help convict trafficking gangs and organisations.

2.1. s - this could be achieved by encouraging people to come forwards

2.2. T - technology would help advertise the charities you can contact and ways to get in touch

3. solution 5 : Higher security on borders and trafficking routs, for example x-ray equipment and better training for border control staff to help them identify any suspicious activity. This would help deter traffickers from attempting crossings as it would be more difficult to successfully get away with it.

3.1. E - This would be a highly effective way to solve the problem but economically it would cost a lot of money to training their border control staff .

3.2. P - politically this would require governments and leaders to agree to spend money on upgrading border control

4. Solution 1 : Government campaigns to help educate the population about human trafficking. Showing people where to go if you want to learn more about the issue or report something they have seen. This is probably the most effective way to combat trafficking that is also economically viable as it would not require large sums of money to implement.

4.1. p - This would require all major leaders to adopt these campaigns and work together to spread the same message.

4.2. s - this could be done by getting lots of people to sign a petition to help promote governments to do campaigns

4.3. T - technological changes with web pages and way information is spread will help educate people.

5. Solution 2 : Reforming of laws against human trafficking, increasing sentences/penalties for the people convicted of trafficking. Hopefully this would deter traffickers from committing these crimes due to lengthy prison sentences or large fines. Politically this involves a long expensive process to pass new laws but in the long run would help diminish trafficking numbers.

5.1. P - This would involve governments to form new laws and harsher penalties to combat the problem. They could get people to sign petitions to show that it is worth altering laws for.

5.2. T - technology could be used to advertise the punishments and make them more public to help deter the traffickers

6. solution 6 : Whistle-blowing. Offer financial rewards or prosecution amnesty for gang members that come forward to help expose organisations and leaders of these operations leading to successful convictions and charges. This is a good way to promote insiders to come forwards with information that is very hard to obtain via alternative methods.

6.1. P - leaders would have to be happy to sacrifice money in order to fight trafficking

6.2. L - laws would have to be passed to allow amnesty to people who come forwards to proved information

6.3. C - charity pages can help to promote members to come forwards to provide information about trafficking organisations. they can do this with adverts on their web pages