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ToihoctiengAnh's Social Objects by Mind Map: ToihoctiengAnh
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ToihoctiengAnh's Social Objects


post (tips, links, jokes,...)

resource, basic post functions, submit (video, audio, text, imgs), edit, delete, thank, comment, tag, filtered, searched, play video/audio

questions, ask, answer, find similar/existing ones, basic post functions, searched by tags/keywords/levels, filtered (top rated/answered...)

updates from community

updates from channels interested in

updates from followed people

updates from friends

updates from subscribed groups

updates/announcements about coming events by mods (community game/countdown...)


video basic functions for the song


used to filter/search

submit lyrics


compose blank-filling exercise from lyrics

do exercise

solutions (auto shown/manually shown by composers)

introduction video (to teach vocab/grammar...) about the song

Video lesson

video basic functions

tag, mechanics, vocabulary, grammar, distinguish between grammar elements/tenses, refer to related resources for basic grammar, phonetics, how to pronounce correctly with focus on Vietnamese, skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing), content type, academic, lesson, pratical, conversations, slangs, entertaining, joke, song, daily, news, knowledge, exercises, random picks from other content types, levels


thank (like)

comment, edit, delete

ask a question about video, answer a question, like an answer, edit, delete

save to own profile

share to a friend/the whole community

description (author's name)/list of all related materials (from authors/submitted later by viewers)

searched by tags/names/levels


filtered (top rated... like in video lessons list)

go to next video in list

Video lessons list, browse, list of all topics (mindmap of covered/uncovered topics), suggest to add a topic, view all topics, view one video, volunteer to submit a video for an uncovered lesson/suggest a friend to be a volunteer, filter by tags/levels (top questioned/top commented/top rated), search 1 video

complementary videos (used to complement/elaborate different aspects about the video, e.g. accents from other countries...)

(inherits from video lesson properties)


preference settings (which skills like to practice, which music genres like to listen...)

today's 30 minutes training/challenge (song to listen to, video to watch, quote to translate, exercise to do...)

progress for today


English score, take test to determine level, declare, find group/people with same level, show in numbers/graphs, used to qualify for advanced community functions (review submissions...)

Dilligence score, show in numbers/graphs/symbols, increase by fulfilling everyday training tasks (how many mins of video I watch today, did I complete all the tasks suggested for today...)

Contribution score, show in numbers/graphs/symbols, increase by posing and answering questions/thanking/having thanks/likes/agrees..., used to qualify into some games

Recent activities, list, graph

list of Saved videos/songs/questions/answers/Notes

Organize into groups/tags


save one into list

to be followed/added into groups

avatar/status/list of channels/followers/followeds/groups/friends

group functions

create a group and be leader

join group

searched by names/levels/scores/preferences



invite friend to play with


Event (Community game)

to think more about this!

Some events: writing competition, listening competition


not important


exercise type

Text exercise

Video exercise

tips to score high