Explorers and Conquerors

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Explorers and Conquerors by Mind Map: Explorers and Conquerors

1. Christopher Columbus

1.1. Sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in 1492

1.1.1. Spanish monarch Ferdinand granted his plan.

1.2. He went from island to island. (known now as the Caribbeans)

1.3. Returns 6 months later and explores west for resources.

2. Hernan Cortez

2.1. In 1518, he went to explore Mexico

2.1.1. Goes against the orders of Velazequez

2.2. With 500 men

2.3. Uses deadly force to conquer Mexico

3. Ferdinand Magellan

3.1. 1519

3.2. Set out with 5 ships for Spice Islands

3.2.1. In Spain

3.3. He went in search of fame and fortune

3.4. King Charles I granted his support to Magellan

4. Sir Francis Drake

4.1. Circumnavigated the world in a single expedition

4.2. 1577 to 1580

4.3. Conquered California for the English

4.4. Started conflict with Spainsh

4.4.1. West coast of Americas

4.5. Elizabeth I awarded him knighthood

5. Vasco de Gama

5.1. 1497-1499

5.2. Set out for India

5.2.1. First ocean route from Europe to Asia

5.3. Portuguese established a long-lasting colonial empire in Asia

5.4. John III granted his expedition