7th Grade Math

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7th Grade Math by Mind Map: 7th Grade Math

1. Algebra

1.1. Ratios and Proportional Relationships

1.1.1. Students will interpret graphs, tables, charts, and diagrams. Book: The Lemonade Wars

1.2. Operations with Rational Numbers

1.2.1. Operations with rational numbers involve the use of either expressions or equations.

1.2.2. Students will balance checkbooks by practicing the multiple operations with rational numbers.

1.3. Expressions and Equations

1.3.1. You use equations to represent the relationship between proportions.

1.3.2. Expressions and equations use rational numbers.

1.3.3. Students will write and create their own word problems.

2. Statistics

2.1. Inferences and Probability

2.1.1. The probability of something is a number between 0 and 1, which makes this number itself a ratio. Students will survey classmates and create a journal where they'll analyze the samples they collected. Book: Outliers

3. Geometry

3.1. Drawing Shapes with Specific Conditions

3.1.1. To compute lengths of figures and drawing scales based on geometric figure rules, one would set up ratios and proportions to solve. Have students create word problems describing a geometric shape based on the specific rules of shapes and guess each other's shape. Book: The Adventures of Penrose: The Mathematical Cat

3.2. Angle Measurement Relationships

3.2.1. The use of equations would be utilized to solve missing angles based on knowledge of angle measure relationships.