DYL Brainstorms

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DYL Brainstorms by Mind Map: DYL Brainstorms

1. Getting Unstuck

1.1. Energy

1.1.1. Startup Week Taking a great idea to fruition Learning about how to build a business from scratch

1.1.2. Twitter Love reading experts Thinking about how to portray myself as an expert Educate people about something that interests me See the pulse of the world

1.1.3. Life 3.0 Discovering how AI can further push life forward A Star Trek future Life is about pursuit of knowledge and helping mankind

1.1.4. Living abroad Experiencing a different culture Getting the kids to appreciate what we have better

1.1.5. Getting the dog Taking a risk Changing life with the dog Maybe go back to the coast?

1.1.6. Build a business that uses AI to build itself and do it from any country in the world.

1.2. Engagement

1.2.1. Talking with people Coaching/advising Really helping people feel better Problem finding Learning about what's gong on Coaching

1.2.2. Brainstorming Thinking of new ideas Coming up with next steps to a problem Coming up with solutions

1.2.3. Solutions Coming up with the perfect solve to a problem Problem solving

1.2.4. Creating decks Teaching Opening people's minds

1.2.5. Learning Immersing yourself with interesting factcs Do research to be an expert in a particular field

1.2.6. Planning Organization Structure Coming up with processes Coming up with roles that make thing better Make people joyful in their work and the delivery of their work

1.2.7. Tools Jira Creating systems that allow people to forget but know they can remember Invision Toggl IFFTTTT Smartsheet

1.2.8. Being the purveyor of business/process tool reviews Create a great resource and processes that include them

1.3. Flow

1.3.1. Meet with Michele Love to talk about what's going on Just like being with people; feel loved/appreciated Always want to help Coaching Hearing about what's going on in the world of consulting

1.3.2. Talk with Deloitte Digital Felt like it was the future of digital innovation With the resources and influence and the future push things forward for AD

1.3.3. Running the RMDPM meeting Love to provide solutions to problems Love commiserating on issues Just talking to people about issues Being kind/helpful

1.3.4. Run the RMDPM meetings at Slalom and Deloitte Digital

2. Odyssey Plan

2.1. That Thing I'd Do

2.1.1. COO for a Digital Consultancy

2.1.2. COO Digital Production/Operations for a Brand

2.2. The Other Thing I'd Do

2.2.1. Create a consultancy to help Brands and Digital Agencies/Consultancies on their operations

2.3. Money is No Object

2.3.1. Create a killer PM Resourcing tool

3. Prototyping

3.1. Plan #1: All In - Taking Digital to the Epoch

3.1.1. Can I still have good family/work balance? Conversations How much time do you spend working? Are you ever "off"? Is there an expectation of billable hours? Is it ruthless/gamed? What type of job security is provided? Experiences Freelance for a consultancy

3.1.2. Would I be able to play the “political” game? Conversations Talk to someone who has been at a consultancy for some time Find someone who has thrived in the consultancy Experiences Try to work a deal where you leverage the consultancy does the work of something that I find Freelance for the consultancy

3.1.3. Will my ideas be big enough? Conversations Find some of the "big thinkers" in the consultancy and talk to them Share the ideas with them Are there people that think about how people work together digitally? Experiences Is there a publication produced by a consultancy that I can get published in? Is there a research project big enough?

3.2. Plan #2: The Leader in Performance Based Getting Digital Done

3.2.1. Will I be able to stick to it? Conversations How do you find work while trying to build something? When do you know when something fails? Experiences Get a client

3.2.2. Will I be able to let others join (control)? Conversations How do you know when to hire people? How do you let go? Experiences Get a client and partner with someone else

3.2.3. Will I be able to compete with big consultancies? Conversations What are the blind sides of the big consultancies? How do you differentiate? Experiences

3.2.4. How to manage the downsides if what we set out to do doesn't take off Conversations Did you take investor $$? Or did you to help manage the downsides? Did you ever worry about the downsides? Experiences Minimize the costs

3.3. Plan #3: The Ultimate DPM Resource and Budget Toolset

3.3.1. Will I need a ton of funding to pull it off? Conversations How to bootstrap? Is there a way to earn money while building? Experiences See if there is a WordPress site that can be configured into an MVP Build wires with Balsamiq/Sketch

3.3.2. Can this be done as a solopreneur? Conversations Did you ever regret not going alone? Did you ever regret going alone? Experiences Do it yourself Check out gigster.com

3.3.3. Will competitors eat my lunch? Conversations How do you know when you hit the tipping point? How do you fend off competitors? Experiences Just do it

3.3.4. What feature set would differentiate?