e-accessibility at UoY

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e-accessibility at UoY by Mind Map: e-accessibility at UoY

1. Panel 2, 3 boxes

1.1. Digital accessibility at the UoY

1.1.1. universal design principles

1.1.2. Part of the University ethos Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy Inclusive Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy Statement Disability Inclusion Framework

1.2. 2018 Digital Accessibility Regulations

1.2.1. Our websites and digital resources have to meet WCAG 2.1 AA standards

1.2.2. We have to have accessibility statements on our sites

1.3. What are we doing about it?

1.3.1. The e-accessibility working group Accessibility statements Tools Training Assistive Technology Projects and Outputs Blog posts

2. Panel 1 - About

3. Panel 3

3.1. Information for students

3.1.1. Introduction to learning technologies

3.1.2. Student Digital Skills

3.1.3. Accessibility skills

3.1.4. Assistive technologies

3.1.5. Disabilities Office

3.1.6. Careers support for students with disabilities

3.1.7. Disabled Students Officers

3.2. Information for staff

3.2.1. Mandatory Digital Accessibility Tutorial Signpost further training for Academics Professional Services Managers

3.2.2. Creating Accessible Documents workshops

3.2.3. e-accessibility wiki

3.2.4. Supporting learners with disabilities User Research Empowering learners

3.2.5. [email protected]

3.2.6. Assistive technologies

3.2.7. Staff Digital Skills

3.2.8. Accessibility skills

3.2.9. Support for disabled staff INCLUDE network

4. Panel 4 News and Events

4.1. Highlight posts, 3 across

4.2. e-accessibility calendar

5. Panel 5 Key links