Age of Discovery

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Age of Discovery by Mind Map: Age of Discovery

1. Columbus

1.1. Discovered Americas

1.2. Established routes to the Americas

1.3. Italian Explorer, navigator, and colonizer

1.4. Born in Genoa Italy under the Catholic Monarchs of Spain

1.5. 1492 began voyages

2. Pizarro

2.1. Conquered last Incan emperor

2.2. Defeated Atahualpa

2.3. Ended 300 years of Incan civilization

2.4. Andes Mountains

2.5. Spanish army

2.6. Ambushed Incas in square of Cajamarca

2.7. 1529 began travelling

3. Ferdinand Magellan

3.1. Portuguese Explorer

3.2. Organized Spanish exploration to East Indies

3.3. First circumnavigation

3.4. Atlantic Ocean to Patagonia

3.5. Spice Islands in 1521

3.6. Strait of Magellan

4. Hernan Cortes

4.1. Led expedition to fall of Aztec empire

4.2. Brought most of mainland Mexico under rule of Castile

4.3. 1521 traveled to Mexico for his expedition

4.4. Befriended natives

4.5. Arrived in Cuba before moving to Mexico

4.6. Defeated Cuban troops that were sent after him

5. Hernando de Soto

5.1. Spanish explorer and conquistador

5.2. First European explorer in the US

5.3. First European to cross Mississippi river

5.4. 1530 Led exploration of Yucatan Peninsula

5.5. Held Atahualpa captive

5.6. Explorer and Conquistador