Explorers and Conquerors

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Explorers and Conquerors by Mind Map: Explorers and Conquerors

1. Magellan

1.1. Minor Portuguese nobleman

1.2. Left Spain in order to reach the Pacific

1.3. Reached the coast of South America

1.4. Led the first crew to successfully circumnavigate the Earth

1.5. Named the Pacific Ocean and founded the Strait of Magellan

1.6. Underestimated size of Pacific Ocean when attempting to find the Spice Islands

2. Columbus

2.1. Italian navigator who traveled for Spain

2.2. Hoped to reach the East Indies

2.3. Underestimated Earth's size and the presence of other continents

2.4. Sponsored by Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain

2.5. Sailed 3 ships: Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria

2.6. Took 3 additional voyages to the Caribbean after his initial trip

3. Pizarro

3.1. Spanish explorer searching for Incan Empire

3.2. Captured and slaughtered Atahualpa, ruler of Incan Empire

3.3. Atahualpa refused Pizarro's attempts to convert him to Christianity

3.4. Overran Incan Empire with weaponry and European diseases

3.5. Begun the spread of Spain's control in South America

4. Cortes

4.1. Landed in Mexico in 1519

4.2. Brought over 600 men to defeat the native people

4.3. Journeyed to the center of Aztec Empire

4.4. Conquered people supported Cortes through alliances

4.5. Heard of many failed Spanish expeditions and believed he could prevail

5. de Albuquerque

5.1. Following da Gama's trip, de Albuquerque set out himself

5.2. Traveled all through Indian Ocean during early 1500s

5.3. Partnered with Indian princes by promising defense from other Europeans

5.4. Supported Portuguese goal of ending Muslim power

5.5. Wanted to disband power of Mughal Empire throughout India

6. da Gama

6.1. Portuguese navigator began journeys in 1497

6.2. Lead 4 ships around the Cape of Good Hope

6.3. Took 10 months to reach the port of Calicut

6.4. After returning from India. da Gama sold the spices

6.5. Resulted in Portuguese control of many Indian Ocean ports

6.6. Forced a treaty with ruler of Calicut in 1502