Race Tracking System - Yachtbot

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Race Tracking System - Yachtbot by Mind Map: Race Tracking System - Yachtbot

1. Live Race on Mistral

1.1. Laptop

1.1.1. Internet connection (Mobile)

1.1.2. Power source

1.1.3. 12V TV Monitor

1.2. System Administrator (Les)

2. Live Race at Bar

3. Yachtbot Trackers

3.1. Get SIM cards (Telstra)

3.2. (Re)charge SIMS - low volume, 6 months

3.3. Assign to boat for season/race

4. Yachbot App

4.1. Write instructions and post on web including links for races

5. Yachtbot Website

5.1. Renew subscription

5.2. Race Administrator (Les)

5.3. Set up races for season