Biology- Mr. Najbor

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Biology- Mr. Najbor by Mind Map: Biology- Mr. Najbor

1. My exam

1.1. Our teacher is going to tell us some hints about the exam on the last day that we have biology

1.2. There will be more on ecology and Genetics in the exam

1.3. I believe there will be punette squares to fill out for the genetic section

1.4. I believe the exam will be difficult

1.5. This exam will be the one i most study for

2. Genetics

2.1. Genetics is the topic that we are currently dong now

2.2. "Genetics" is "A branch of biology dealing with heredity and genetic variations"

2.3. This unit also has four section within it

2.4. I have found genetics the most interesting chapter because you think about your inherity

2.5. We are doing an assignment now about blood groups or the family tree you can choose either one

2.6. I really have enjoyed biology this year and i hope to continue it when i go to Australia

3. Ecology

3.1. "The study of the relationships and interactions between living organisms and their natural or developed environment “

3.2. This section had four parts included within it.

3.3. I found this the easiest section we have done this year.

3.4. We had to do an assignment about an extinct animal

3.5. I choose to do elephants because they are very interesting and i know quite a bit about them

3.6. I got an A for this assignment which helped give me a good mark at the start of biology.

4. The life of a call

4.1. A cell is " The smallest independently functioning unit in the structure of an organism, usually consisting of one or more nuclei surrounded by cytoplasm and enclosed by a membrane "

4.2. This unit had four sections

4.3. This unit was difficult for me because it contain more chemistry within it.

4.4. I liked learning about the structure of a cell

4.5. It is interesting to see how many layer a cell really has and how each one looks.