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P L A Y by Mind Map: P L A Y

1. Initiate

1.1. Create

1.1.1. Explore Test theories

1.2. Inquire

1.2.1. Take action Move

1.3. Collaborate

1.3.1. Test theories Make decisions

1.4. Reflect

1.4.1. Consolidate knowledge

1.5. Challenge

1.5.1. Appreciate

2. Written curriculum

2.1. Exciting & complex learning environment

2.2. Allow enough time to engage freely

2.3. Have a balance between play & adult supported learning

2.4. Observe: Skills; attitudes; conceptual understanding; knowledge

2.5. Constructivist / Inquiry based

3. Taught curriculum

3.1. When playing children incorporate knowledge & skills as they interact with their environment.

3.2. The educator must support children as they generate ideas & theories

3.3. Speaking and listening is at the heart of the play experience

4. Assessed curriculum

4.1. When children play, they demonstrate the extent to which they are able to apply and expand their knowledge, skills and attitudes.

4.2. Children’s engagements with areas of strong interest or fascination offer a useful basis for effective assessment.

4.3. By documenting children’s play narratives, insights are gained into their thinking and display the evidence of their learning.