Employee Benefits

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Employee Benefits by Mind Map: Employee Benefits

1. After 90 days employment

1.1. AAA Plus Membership

1.2. Planet Fitness Blackcard

1.3. Identity Theft Protection - Zander Insurance

2. Referral Reward Program - 10% of every referral

3. Upsells - Technicians 10%, Office Staff 5%

4. 40% increase in month over month revenue each team member gets $100 bonus

5. Tips - At end of the month tips made from checks, credit cards, or debit cards will be distributed to team member who earned them

6. After 1 year of employment

6.1. Paid day off for birthday

6.2. 1 week paid vacation

7. No more than 2 recalls to jobs a month technician gets $35 bonus

8. If company hits revenue goal for the year we get a company vacation (spouses included).***** No more than 3 nights and No more than 2% of total revenue

9. Monthly Team breakfasts to be held on first work day of every month

10. Quarterly outings with whole team and spouses. ***No more than 1% of quarterly revenue

11. Days Off (not paid)

11.1. Week of July 4th

11.2. Week between Christmas and New Years

11.3. Thanksgiving and Black Friday

11.4. Memorial Day

11.5. Veterans Day

11.6. Labor Day

12. $1,620 in measurable bonus potential. Unmeasurable Unlimited Bonus Potential.

13. $10 bonus for every 5 Star Google review. They have to mention your name.

14. 5% of everything over $500

15. 10% of new jobs sold over weekend