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Motivation by Mind Map: Motivation

1. Importance of motivation

1.1. Direction - goal

1.2. Intensity - level of effort

1.3. Persistence - amount of time

2. Needs-based theories of Motivation

2.1. Maslow's Needs Hierarchy

2.1.1. Physiological

2.1.2. Safety

2.1.3. Belongingness

2.1.4. Esteem Internal, self-esteem External, Social esteem

2.1.5. Self-actualization

2.2. ERG Theory

2.2.1. Growth

2.2.2. Relatedness

2.2.3. Existence

2.3. Learned Needs

2.3.1. Need for Achievement

2.3.2. Needs for Affiliation

2.3.3. Need for Power

2.4. Four-Drive Theory

2.4.1. 4 drives Drive to Acquire Drive to Bond Drive to Learn Drive to Defend

2.4.2. Transfer drives into effort Social Norms Personal Values Past experience

2.4.3. Features Innate independent complete

2.5. Motivator-Hygiene Theory

2.5.1. Motivators Intrinsic, satisfy or not Content of the work

2.5.2. Hygiene Factors Extrinsic, dissatisfy or not Individuals

3. challenges of motivation

3.1. Diversified and different needs

3.2. Flatter organization

3.3. Revised employment relations

4. Process Theories

4.1. Expectancy Theory of Motivation

4.1.1. Expectancy Theory Model Effort E to P Performance P to O Outcome Outcome Valences Self-efficacy Competencies Role perception Situational conditions

4.1.2. Goal setting and feedback Improvement Clearer role perception stretching the intensity & persistence of effort Characteristics of effective goals Feedback Specific Relevant Participation Commitment Challenginng Management-by-objectives

4.2. Organizational Justice

4.2.1. Equity Theory Receive = Investment? Underreward Overreward Equity