The Recipient (Katie)

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The Recipient (Katie) by Mind Map: The Recipient (Katie)

1. Social Consequences

1.1. Loss of time at school (recovery)

1.2. Lifestyle Changes Required

1.2.1. Doctor's visits

1.2.2. Medications

1.2.3. Healthy Maintenance

1.3. Donation = I benefit

1.4. No donation = sister MIGHT benefit or no one benefits

1.5. My parents lose either way

1.6. Divides my family either way

2. Economic Consequences

2.1. No financial cost to do transplant

2.2. No cost to keep my sister in coma (Canadian Health Care Coverage)

2.3. My parents are taking time off work to be with me and my sister

3. Personal Consequences

3.1. No longer have a sister

3.2. feel guilty/ responsible for the life of my sister for the rest of my life

3.3. Potential health challenges later in life

3.4. Short term = die or immediate surgery & ICU recovery

3.5. Long Term (only if transplant occurs): lifestyle maintenance & followup

4. Ethical/Legal Consequences

4.1. Sister will die (if organ donated)

4.2. Purposeful killing?

4.3. Sister has no choice

4.4. If nothing done I die and potentially my sister

4.5. 1 life can donate up to 8 organs

4.6. Take a life to save a life

4.7. Will this open a can of worms? i.e.. push the line for other controversial cases

4.8. Do I have a choice or only my parents?

4.9. Donate = save my life, Do nothing = lose my life & sister OR sister may live and I die

4.10. The value of my life vs./& the value of my sister's life

5. Scientific Consequences

5.1. Time critical; need transplant in less than 48 hours

5.2. Operation complications

5.3. Organ Rejection

5.4. Organ Acceptance

5.5. Do nothing and Katie will die

5.6. Aurora will die is heart is given to Kaite

5.7. Organ Donation is increasing

5.8. Organ donation is becoming more successful

5.9. Sisters are perfect match