Using ADDIE Model for the Development of Intermediate Course Focusing on Grammar

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Using ADDIE Model for the Development of Intermediate Course Focusing on Grammar by Mind Map: Using ADDIE Model  for the Development of Intermediate Course Focusing on Grammar

1. Development

1.1. Creating at least two sample lesson plans incorporating variety of activities integrating 4 skills (Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing). Different tasks involving group/ pair work based on real life situations

1.1.1. List of resources , types of materiel to be used will also be part of this stage 4 week of course structure is decided in this stage i.e. whether it will be presented in the form of lectures or lessons or modules or thematic units.

2. Implementation:

2.1. A training workshop for teachers about this course before class begins to help them familiarize with the layout/ tasks/ students' versus teacher's version of lessons etc.

2.1.1. Class starts: Delivery begins , teachers take material to the classroom. During next 4 weeks teachers record best practices/ weakness or strengths of the course At the end of each week, solicit feedback from learners in the form of a simple questionnaire to assess how the course is going to make timely changes to meet their needs.

3. Design

3.1. 1. Coming up with a format depending on the delivery mode whether hybrid, online or face to face. 2. If hybrid, what percentage will be delivered online vs. in class.

3.1.1. Writing course briefing on day 01: Syllabus overview, course overview on Blackboard and its layout, class rules and regulations. Overview of a final project

4. Analysis: Points I will be considering in this stage

4.1. 1. Characteristics of my prospective students i.e. motivated, fast or slow learners? Most recent score in a proficiency test? Their expectations from this course?

4.1.1. Environment for course delievery: 100% Online? Hybrid? 100 % face to face? Technical requirements: A computer with internet access, LMS e-campus Blackboard. Online dictionaries from first language to second language and vice versa. Assessment Criteria: Tests (Midterm and Final), Class participation, Participation in Discussion Board forums, Reflective Journals on Blackboard, final project.

5. Evaluation

5.1. After class ends, in a followup meeting teachers present their findings. teaching team leader (in this case the head developer of the course) collects all the data that needs to be implemented in order to modify the course.

5.1.1. Before the next iteration begins, changes are made in the course material.