Video Game Gambling

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Video Game Gambling by Mind Map: Video Game Gambling

1. Problem: Freemium video game has becoming online gambling

1.1. Reasons of why people pay extra in freemium games is meanly to get in game advantage than thier playmates. However, some parents even says they bought extra gaming contains to make their children happy. (Sources: Hamari, J., Alha, K., Järvelä, S., Kivikangas, J. M., Koivisto, J., & Paavilainen, J. (2017). Why do players buy in-game content? An empirical study on concrete purchase motivations. Computers in Human Behavior, 68, 538-546. doi:10.1016/j.chb.2016.11.045)

1.2. How can freemium games designed to lure player to pay more money than they want, and how this effect on players' minds is similar to gambling.(Source:Griffiths, M. (2005). Relationship between Gambling and Video-Game Playing: A Response to Johansson and Gotestam. Psychological Reports, 96(3), 644-646. doi:10.2466/pr0.96.3.644-646)

1.3. Teengager on their adultolescence affect the most from the freemium game because it effect their self-control capability and financial value.(Source: Griffiths, M., & Wood, R. T. (2000). Risk Factors in Adolescence: The Case of Gambling, Videogame Playing, and the Internet. Journal of Gambling Studies, 16(2-3), 199-225. doi:10.1023/A:1009433014881)

2. Solution: to raise awareness of this problem.

2.1. To know how the marketing tools of freemium games actually works. What triggers people to gambling in freemium games. (Source: Alha, Kati , et al. “Free-to-Play Games: Professionals’ Perspectives.” DiGRA, vol. 11, May 2014.)

3. Implementation: Regulations and ways to raise awareness.