Possible Essay Topics

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Possible Essay Topics by Mind Map: Possible Essay Topics

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2. Do the protagonists change? Discuss.

3. Does genuine love exist in the three set texts?

4. Discuss representations of love through the relationships presented in the three set texts.

5. How do these 3 characters conform to society’s expectations of women?

6. Which character from the 3 set texts do you think deserves most sympathy? Why?

7. Discuss the differences and similarities in the representation of marriage in the three texts.

8. How is male dominance revealed in all three narratives?

9. How do gender conventions in the 3 texts move the plot forward?

10. What role does family play in the theme of love within the set texts?

11. Compare and contrast the theme of marriage in the three texts.

12. How do the three characters in the set texts redeem themselves?