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Photoshop Tools by Mind Map: Photoshop Tools

1. Rectangular Marquee Tool

1.1. This tool allows you to make rectangular shape selections on your image. This changes the area of the image that is affected by other tools within the defined shape

2. Move Tool

2.1. This tool is used to move your images or it can be used to move the layer around after it has been placed.

3. Magic Wand Tool

3.1. This tool is used to select a colour range. You can use this to make selections more or less precise.

4. Crop Tool

4.1. This tool crops your image to the size of the box that you put around it. This tool is similar to the Rectangular Marquee Tool.

5. Brush Tool

5.1. This tool paints your image to the colour which has been selected and the size that has been selected.

6. Eraser Tool

6.1. This tool erases any information that you have clicked/dragged. If you are on a layer, it will erase the information transparent. If you are on a background layer, it will erase the secondary colour selected.

7. Gradient Tool

7.1. This will make a gradiation of colours. This creates a blending of the foreground colour and background colour when it is clicked and dragged.

8. Blur Tool

8.1. This tool makes things blurry. The more you click and drag, the more blurry it will get.

9. Dodge Tool

9.1. This tool lightens whichever area you use on minus black.

10. Path Selection Tool

10.1. This tool is used when working with paths.

10.2. Pen Tool is used alongside this to clip paths or create selections. This tool is used by clicking to add a point and if you click and drag it will change the shape.

11. Horizontal Type Tool

11.1. This tool is text. It allows you to create a text box and write on to the page/image.

12. Rectangle Tool

12.1. This draws a Shape Layer in the form of a rectangle. It fills the rectangle with the foreground colour selected.

13. Eyedropper Tool

13.1. This tools changes your foreground colour to whatever colour clicked on. Holding the 'Alt' key will let you change the background colour.

14. Hand Tool

14.1. This tool allows you to move the whole image within a window. The hand tool is a form of navigation on Photoshop.

15. Zoom Tool

15.1. This tool allows you to zoom in and out of your image so you can see images clearer.

16. Colour Boxes

16.1. These allow you to choose your foreground and background colour.