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Motivation by Mind Map: Motivation

1. Types of employees

1.1. Theory X

1.1.1. Dislike work

1.1.2. Lazy

1.1.3. Irresponsible

1.1.4. Need management

1.2. Theory Y

1.2.1. Like Work

1.2.2. Creative

1.2.3. Responsible

1.2.4. Self management

2. Managing employees

2.1. Challenges

2.1.1. Chancing workforce

2.1.2. Flatter organizations

2.1.3. Revised employment relationship

3. Theories on motivation

3.1. Content theories (What)

3.1.1. Maslow Needs Pyramid Holistic Humanistic Posivitic

3.1.2. ERG Growth Personal development Relatedness Like minded coworkers Existence Basic needs

3.1.3. Innate Human Drives Acquire Take on experiences Bond Relationships Social Commitment Learn Self-improvement Defend Reactive

3.1.4. Learned Needs Secondary Needs Need for Achievement (nAch) Need for Affiliation (nAff) Need for Power (nPow)

3.2. Process theories (How)

3.2.1. Expectancy Model Motivator Satisfaction vs. No satisfaction Hygiene No Dissatisfaction vs. Dissatisfaction

3.2.2. Goal Setting & Feedback Stretching intensity employees Clear role perceptions

3.2.3. Equity Based on input compared to other Overrewarded Underpaid