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Directory Site For Cash Home Buyers by Mind Map: Directory Site For Cash Home Buyers

1. Our Mission

1.1. Who we are

1.1.1. Our directory website is a platform for real estate investors who have a website to improve their SEO rankings through backlinks and online visibility.

1.1.2. Help real estate investors in their organic SEO rankings rank higher through the various search engines producing more motivates seller leads.

1.2. Who we serve

1.2.1. We serve real estate investors looking to generate more leads and buy off market real estate at a deep discount to the market.

1.3. What we offer

1.3.1. Our directory offers Platform for real estate investors with an online presence the ability to get more backlinks to improve organic SEO ranking on the various search engine platforms. A way for motivated sellers to find real estate investors who can pay cash and close quickly for people in need of a hassle free sale of a property.

2. Site

2.1. Who are our members?

2.1.1. Real estate investors that buy homes for cash and can close fast that have an internet presence

2.2. What is important to them?

2.2.1. Visibility online to rank #1 through organic SEO

2.2.2. Lead generation Getting motivated sellers with high equity leads

2.3. How will our directory site fulfill their needs?

2.3.1. Provide backlinks to help their organic SEO ranking

2.3.2. Allow motivated sellers to find them online through organic SEO

3. Membership benefits

3.1. What should they do?

3.1.1. Select a membership package to add your real estate investing services to searchable Cash Home Buyers community across the country in less than 90 seconds.

3.2. Why should they do it?

3.2.1. Increase your online visibility with a professional public profile and get more backlinks improving your organic SEO placement which will generate YOU more motivated seller leads.

3.3. What happens next?

3.3.1. After signing up, you can customize your public home investor profile and gain instant access to creating content for backlinks.