Conversation between Lucy and Tom (ch.110)

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Conversation between Lucy and Tom (ch.110) by Mind Map: Conversation between Lucy and Tom (ch.110)

1. The police wouldn't arrest the attackers, because the attackers would just say that it was "consensual"

2. Ben would be to scared

3. knows who their are

4. some of the attackers had black hoodies

5. she and Ben won't tell the police

6. . Und

7. Reasons

7.1. afraid of being assaulted again

7.2. wouldn't change anything

7.3. too intimate

7.4. doesn't want to think about the rape

8. Lucys outer apperance

9. .

9.1. Thoughtful /considerate

9.2. Understanding

9.3. Friendly

9.4. Supportive

9.5. Shy

10. Lucy about the attack

10.1. she doesn't want to leave moms room