enhancing productivity by the elimination of procrastination

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enhancing productivity by the elimination of procrastination by Mind Map: enhancing productivity by the elimination of procrastination

1. Integration:

1.1. Executional consistency

1.2. Same family and theme

1.3. Sequential order

2. Channels:

2.1. Multi-channel with common exposure

2.1.1. Online social media Youtube channels Snapchat stories Trending hashtags Instagram posts Search engines and websites

2.1.2. Celebrity endorsement Brand ambassadors Influencers Public figures Works in both online and offline platforms

2.1.3. Broadcast media Television Radio

2.1.4. Offline channels Posters and brochures Billboards

3. Smart Objectives:

3.1. Decreasing procrastination by developing and relating motivational culture cues for an increase in production by 25% by the end of 2018

3.2. Developing Egyptian cultural cues to raise individual performance rates by the end of 2018

3.3. Setting a motivated generation of employees with self-disciplinary behaviors to boost and increase production

3.4. Efficient and productive working environment that relates to the international working standards

4. Focus:

4.1. Reduce the time needed to fulfill daily tasks, and boost the productivity rates

4.2. Cues that relates to procrastinators "individual behavior"

4.3. Enhancing the working environment habits for private sector employees

4.4. Targeting the individual behaviors during work shifts and daily tasks

5. Measurable:

5.1. Quality

5.1.1. Private sectors clients complain rate

5.1.2. Satisfaction level of internal higher boards

5.1.3. Written and oral anonymous feedback

5.2. Quantity

5.2.1. Increase in market share and profit

5.2.2. Volume of sales in Egyptian pounds

5.2.3. Increase in service or product demand

6. Targeting:

6.1. Private sector employees with limited but sufficient income

6.2. Procrastinators, unsatisfied with their positions, lacking motivation, and financial security

6.3. They're stability oriented, in need for a better time management

6.4. Influenced by peer pressure, looking for incentives to increase productivity