LGBTQ Entrepreneur

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LGBTQ Entrepreneur by Mind Map: LGBTQ Entrepreneur

1. Unique Spin

1.1. Sex work / kink background

1.2. 6 Colors of connection

1.3. Transgender and queer

1.4. Opposite strenghs

1.5. Lead with generosity

2. Strengths

2.1. Public speaking

2.2. Creating connection

2.3. Organization

2.4. Networking

2.5. Teaching content

3. Weaknesses

3.1. Technology / Facebook ads

3.2. Receiving negative feedback

3.3. We are brand new to this niche

4. Values and Beliefs

4.1. Community is important

4.2. Our information should be accessible

4.3. The world is a better place if more LGBTQ people get their work out there

4.4. Our content should be top notch

5. Who I Serve

5.1. LGBTQ Entrepreneurs

5.2. Talented and skilled

5.3. Providers of a service to clients

5.4. Ready to make good money doing the work they are doing

6. Personality / Things I Like To Do

6.1. Reality TV

6.2. Drag queens / Rupaul

6.3. Cats

6.4. Dance

7. Why I Care

7.1. We have personally struggled with growing our business in the past

7.2. Love seeing people succeed

7.3. If more LGBTQ people have resources they can change the political climate

7.4. Want to leave behind a legacy

8. Who I Love Working With!

8.1. People who take action

8.2. Natural born leaders

8.3. People who care about their clients and want to leave them better than they found them

8.4. People who are willing and open minded to learning and taking suggestions

9. How I Can Help People

9.1. I know how to connect with people

9.2. Teach people how to get clients

9.3. Show people how to run awesome workshops

9.4. Give them leverage strategies

9.5. Help them create a strong community