Art - Ms Uhlenhake

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Art - Ms Uhlenhake by Mind Map: Art - Ms Uhlenhake

1. Fruits or Vegetables

1.1. I choose orange's because I like the design in the orange's

1.2. I used 6 different veiws of the orange's

1.3. I also used real dried orange's within my piece

1.4. I got A+ for my first quarter

2. Weaving

2.1. I did a piece of weaving with different brown shades

2.2. I made different size gaps in each shade

2.3. I also put an orstrch on a stand and the weaving was on a canvas

2.4. I really like how this piece turned out

3. Masks

3.1. I wanted to do different colour masks to show that we are all equal

3.2. One had pimples, one was half taken in and the rest were different colours

3.3. I believe this piece was very interesting and showed equality

4. New node

5. Aboriginal

5.1. It is from Australia

5.2. Each piece shows a diiferent story

5.3. You can tell the different types of aboriginal art within different regions

6. Sketches

6.1. Each art class we would have to do 20 minutes of sketches

6.2. I believe this helped me improve my drawing skills

6.3. drawing is my weakest part of art i am much better at design and aboriginal art