Project Manager

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Project Manager by Mind Map: Project Manager

1. Has the person failed ever?

1.1. What did they learn?

2. Project Management skills

2.1. Project Monitoring and Control

2.1.1. How do they know in their last project that the project is on track? - word of mouth from the team or some measurable input?

2.2. Project Planning

2.2.1. Given a case study, how would they approach planning for it?

2.3. Integrated Project Management

2.3.1. Managing stakeholders and dependencies

2.4. Requirements Management

2.4.1. How do they maintain traceability between requirements and deliveries

2.5. Risk Management

2.5.1. Do they understand the difference between a risk and an issue?

2.6. Configuration Management

2.6.1. How do they manage versioning of deliverables and release notes?

3. Engages with community outside work

3.1. Meetups

3.2. Blog

3.3. Conferences

4. Salesman

4.1. Is the person passionate about something?

4.1.1. Can he/she get me excited about it?

4.2. Has the person have experience with presales?

4.3. Do they have original thoughts about project management? Can they have an interesting conversation with another good project manager about project management?

4.4. Presenting Vision and taking buy-in

5. Ownership

5.1. Is the person proud of something that he/she has created?

5.2. Think like an owner, long term and doct sacrifice long-term value for short term results

5.3. Act on behalf of the entire company, not just your own team

5.4. Never say that's not my job

6. Fire in the belly

6.1. Is there something that they are struggling for or are they content with life as it is?

7. Experiences

7.1. Leadership and Ownership

7.1.1. Have they been a decision maker and not just a follower?

7.1.2. Have they maintained a product that they maintained for an year or more?

7.1.3. Have they managed a team bigger than 5 people?

7.2. Project Management Methodologies (Scrum, Waterfall, Kanban etc.)

8. Impression

8.1. Body Language

8.1.1. Does the person inspire confidence?

8.1.2. Would you want to follow this person?

8.2. Voice

8.2.1. Bold or meek?

8.2.2. Does the person articulate words clearly and precisely with fewer words?

8.2.3. How is the tone? Does it have variation or is it monotonous?

8.3. Credibility

8.3.1. How much credible does the person sound? Do you believe that their claims are true?