Energy Ireland

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Energy Ireland by Mind Map: Energy Ireland

1. Demand

1.1. fossil fuels

1.1.1. Prices Increasing fossil fuels harder to find Non-renewable Finite amount Companies increasing income using global warming as an advantage Cost of fossil fuels are high

1.1.2. greenhouse emissions damage to our environment expensive to deal with Issue Rises the longer avoided

1.2. Electricity

1.2.1. Increased usage Main source of energy fossil fuels Wind Hydro Population in Ireland increasing More demind More homes to power Shops and Production etc.

1.2.2. Advance in technology more technology higher usage of electricty Increase in usage International Impacts Support other countries advance

2. Problems

2.1. Greenhouse gas

2.1.1. Environment Increase in pollution Carbon dioxide Burning of fossil fuels

2.1.2. Earths climate Weather changing Temperatures increasing ozone layer thickens Arctic and polar ice caps Species dying Irish wildlife warm climates

2.2. Renewables

2.2.1. Hydro power wildlife impacts Land damage Pollution when building installing dams

2.2.2. wind local noise birds killed big and ugly

2.2.3. solar weakest energy producer requires more space for more energy expensive for majority costs money to setup and buy