How to be a good teacher?

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How to be a good teacher? by Mind Map: How to be a good teacher?

1. LOVE is in the centre of everything

2. children are not equal - everyone is unique itself

3. the grading system is subjective process in most cases

4. children should make decision by their own without the interference of someone else

5. mistakes lead behind them the answers - make pupils learn

6. the school should be place for personal development

7. the educational model is old


9. Where is the thin border between teacher and friend?

10. How to prevent bad habits before they appear?

11. What are the correct deadlines for projects and homework?

12. How to prepare the school stuff?

13. How to draw attention to every child?

14. How to make the teaching interesting and easier?

15. How to earn pupil's trust?

16. sense of humour

17. consistent

18. to take risks

19. sympathetic

20. fair

21. smiling

22. responsive

23. well-organised

24. patient

25. helpful

26. dedicated

27. Qualities

28. to make the pupils love the school

29. to encourage the pupils

30. imagination

31. to make pupils think, not learn by heart

32. to build the children's character

33. to plan the 'ideal lesson'

34. discipline/control

35. interesting teaching method

36. teaching competence

37. high knowledge

38. respect

39. Skills

40. communication with pupils and parents