Book Project The Storm Caller

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Book Project The Storm Caller by Mind Map: Book Project The Storm Caller

1. Side note. The white eyes are humans that are much larger and are about 3 times as strong and are also imbued with magical abilities, and as the name suggests their eyes are only white and have no pupil or iris. The only down side is no matter what the mother will always die after birth. White eyes are essentially demigods in that the mark them with magic, they are aggressive short tempered and largely unstoppable. Their lifespan tends to be 5 times that of most humans.

2. book review

2.1. The Storm Caller is a thrilling action packed book that kept me on the edge of my seat and made me want to read more and more. Overall I would rate it 10/10 or 5 stars. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy, magic and tension filled books. It doesn't use logos or ethos but there is one part that tugs at the heart strings and uses pathos.

3. summary.

3.1. This book follows the story of a boy named Isak. Isak is just like any other farmhand except he is a white eye, and likely the most powerful white eye ever to live. Isak will soon become the Krann or disciple of the lord of the farlan, Lord Bahl. Soon enough he is given the title of Suzerain of Anvee and receives his gifts from the gods. They are his armor named Siulents and his sword named Eolis they are the forsaken armaments of the long dead Kasi Farlan the first lord of the Farlan, and his father named him Isak in spite of him because it is Kasi backwards. With these in tow along with his unimaginable size, strength, and magical power Isak soon becomes a foe to be feared and respected. If you want to know the rest of Isak's story you'll have to read the Stormcaller by Tom Lloyd.

4. character descriptions.

4.1. Isak. Isak is the unloved son of a farmer who's wife died soon after she gave birth to Isak a white eye named after the forsaken first lord of the Farlan Kasi Farlan. Soon Isak would become Krann to the current lord, Lord Bahl

4.2. Bahl. Lord Bahl is the current lord of the farlan and is a well known recluse and white eye. He is known to be aggressive and short tempered as all white eyes are. He advises Isak throughout his journey