The ADDIE Model

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The ADDIE Model by Mind Map: The ADDIE Model

1. References: Bates, T. (2014, August) The ADDIE Model. retrieved from: Turner, J. (2010, June) Creating a Training Program Using the ADDIE Model. Retrieved from:

2. 1. Analyse

2.1. • Instructional problem is clarified and variables considered.

2.2. • Action steps: identify learners environment and prior knowledge. Find Resources available. Look at delivery options, what learning theory to use. How much time do I have?

3. 2. Design

3.1. • Identifying the learning objectives, content and how materials will be created and designed

3.2. • Action steps describing what content areas are to be covered. Storyboarding, deciding to use technology, what kind and how, look at effort required, look at duration and pace of course. Look at admin requirements.

4. 3. Develop

4.1. • Creation and assembling of content. Content Reviewed.

4.2. • Action steps choose whether to develop in-house or outsource. Do copyright clearance for third party materials. Loading of content into a web site or LMS.

5. 4. Implement

5.1. • Delivery of the course

5.2. • Action steps Procedure created for training of learner support staff, and student assessment. Train students on how to use technology.

6. 5. Evaluate

6.1. • Review course and use feedback to enrich and enhance course

6.2. • Action Steps: Formative and Summative at all stages.