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Eric Ries, keynote at SLLconf 2011 by Mind Map: Eric Ries, keynote at SLLconf 2011
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Eric Ries, keynote at SLLconf 2011

Lean startup movement

Academic programs

Harvard business school

Stanford Universiy



The enterpreneur guide to customer development

The four steps to the Epiphany, Steven Blank

Running Lean

The Lean Startup / Eric Ries (coming soon),

The Toyota Way

Lean movement fathers

Deming, "The customer is the most important part of the production line"



Enterpreneurs are everywhere

Enterpreneurship is management

Validated learning

Build - Measure - Learn

Innovation accounting

What is a startup


Not whether something can be built

But rather should it be built

Should be a science

Just as science is a systematic creative endeavure

Stop wasting people's time

Enterpreneurship is management


Start with something, pivot to another, until you find the right product-market match

Speed wns

Reduce the time between pivots

Achieving failure

Successfully executing a bad plan

Minimize total time thru the loop

Ideas ->

Build ->, Code ->, Measure ->, Data ->, Learn ->

The Startup way

Pyramid of





Innovation accounting

3 learning milestones

1, Establish the baseline, Minimum Viable Product, Measure how customers behave right now

2, Tune the engine, Experiment to see if we can improve metrics from the baseline towards the ideal

3, Pivot or preserve, When experiments reach diminishing returns, it's time to pivot

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