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David Binetti, When & how to pivot by Mind Map: David Binetti, When & how to pivot
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David Binetti, When & how to pivot

Formulate model ->

Iterate, releas & measure

Pivots are vision-driven, & not testing-driven




Mentor at Hacker Dojo


If you succeed in a startup, you'll make the same as working hard in a good company

So, it's not for finance

Why lean?

Mitigates your reality distortion field

Helps avoid expansive false positive

Converts market risk to technical risk

Lean framework

Customer discovery ->


Restatements of your business model

Consequence of learning about your business

Votizen case study

v1.0 table





When to pivot

A/B testing/surveys/landing pages are good way to do local optimization

If you've hit the local max & haven't reached a sustainable business, it's time to restart your assumptions

Iteration loops got tighter

How to pivot

Not on the whiteboard

Go outside & talk with customers

Learn, don't flail

Dno't underestimate

Easy to fool yourself

"Show yourself the money"

Important notes

Each validation justifies a higher level of investment





Pivot is vision-driven

dream as big as you can