Personal Development

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Personal Development by Mind Map: Personal Development

1. Emotional Intelligence

1.1. I learned that character is more valuable than our intellect

2. Mental Health and Well-being in Middle & Late Adolescence

2.1. I understood the reasons why people at my age experience great depression and others try to take their lives

3. The Challenges of Middle & Late Adolescence

3.1. When I was young, I thought that everything will be better once I grow up, that it would be always fun and exciting, but I realized that it's not.

4. Development Stages in Middle & Late Adolescence

4.1. I learned more information about the change that I am experiencing as a teenager.

5. Knowing Oneself

5.1. I learned that you would only find what you're looking for, if you first find who you are.

6. Introduction to Personal Development

6.1. A brief introduction about the subject. Particularly it's goal and methods.

7. Developing the Whole Person

7.1. I learned that there is a process in achieving the best in you.

8. The Power of the Mind

8.1. I had a thought, Do we control our mind? Or are we being controlled by it?

9. Coping with Stress in Middle Adolescence

9.1. Now, I found some ways to just relax and enjoy my youth.

10. Personal Relationships

10.1. I understood the value of my relationship towards my loved ones.

11. Social Relationships in Middle & Late Adolescence

11.1. I learned that our social status affects a great deal to our behavior.

12. Understanding Conflict

12.1. I learned that whatever you are experiencing, always keep your cool and strive to solve the problem.

13. Family Structures & Legacies

13.1. I had a funny feeling, like I'm like a character in a novel, repeating and mimicking the actions of someone I'm not.

14. Person's and Concerns

14.1. I realized that everyone is unique at their own way.

15. Career Pathways

15.1. At last, after so many years, we finally had a topic for what our future would be like, it made me nostalgic about the present, because i know that it would only be a memory to my future.

16. Insight into One's Personal Development

16.1. Now, I know that everyone is changing, nothing in this world is constant, except change. I know that I will be a very different person in the future, but I know that i would change for the better.