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monitor by Mind Map: monitor

1. The display is rotated.

1.1. Go to Start and then Control Panel, then to Intel Extreme Graphics Applet and then Rotation tab. Uncheck the Enable Rotation check box. (Click here) Click Apply, then OK. Exit Control Panel, and then display should be the correct orientation.

2. Determining type and size of monitor

2.1. There are 2 major monitor types in schools. They are CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). CRT monitors (Click here) are the clunky older monitors, while the LCDs (Click here) are flat-screen displays. To determine a computers monitor size, one would need to measure the screen diagonally from corner to corner. Sometimes you will need to provide this information when you encounter some problems and report an issue to a technology coordinator.

3. The words on the monitor are too small and unreadable.

3.1. You will need to change the monitor's screen resolution. Right click the Desktop and click Properties. Go to the setting tab and check the screen resolution. Choose a notch, click apply and then click ok

4. The image around the edges of the screen does not look right.

4.1. You may need to degauss the monitor. In most cases the monitor will degauss itself. Degaussing will clear electromagnetic buildup from the screen. Simply turn the monitor off and turn it back on. You could also look through the monitor settings and select degauss from the options.