Interactive White Board Troubleshooting

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Interactive White Board Troubleshooting by Mind Map: Interactive White Board Troubleshooting

1. Ready Light Issues

1.1. Ready Light Is Red and Unresponsive.

1.1.1. -Check the cabling to be sure that none of it has come loose. -Be sure to install the cabling when the computer is off. If the SMART Board was installed with the computer running, it may not have detected the new device. -Remove and reinsert the cabling at each connection point. This will often clear the problem.

1.2. Ready Light Is Green and Unresponsive.

1.2.1. -Traditionally the green light indicates that everything is functioning properly between the SMART Board and the computer.

1.2.2. -Remove and reinsert the cabling connected to the computer and SMART Board. This will often reset the connection and solve the problem.

1.2.3. -Wipe clean the trays in which the styli sit. Sometimes a dirty or occluded sensor will prevent the styli from working properly on the touch screen.

1.3. Ready Light Is Not Lit Up at all and Unresponsive.

1.3.1. -Make sure the computer itself is turned on. If it has lost power or has been shut down, the SMART Board will not have power. This can happen when one is checking the cable connections the power connection at the back of the computer comes loose.

1.3.2. -Check all the serial connections, particularly the PS/2 adapter (click here) and the USB cable. If this comes loose or is unplugged, the board will register no power.

1.3.3. -As with the red-light status, sometimes removing and reinserting the cables will solve the problem.

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3. Other Issue

3.1. The Smart Board doesn't react to touch correctly.

3.1.1. -The Board needs to be calibrated/oriented.

3.1.2. -Right click on the Smart Board icon in the system tray (lower right of your computer screen) and select Orient or physically click both the keyboard button and the mouse buttons on the base of the Smart-board.

3.1.3. -Follow the instructions on the Smart Board and you'll have 9 locations to touch. The board should now be calibrated!

3.2. No pointer is visible on the screen, and when you touch the screen a colored line or eraser symbol appears.

3.2.1. -Check that you have placed all four pens and the eraser correctly in their pen tray recesses.