Outlook Troubleshooting; By: Bryce Thurman

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Outlook Troubleshooting; By: Bryce Thurman by Mind Map: Outlook Troubleshooting; By: Bryce Thurman

1. Checking your mail messages.

1.1. -Unread mail will appear in bold letters. Click on a message once to open the e-mail on the right side of your screen.

1.2. -Double click on the message to open it up and view it in a new window.

2. Checking your messages you have sent to others.

2.1. -Click on "Sent Items" on the left side of your screen.

3. Sending a new message.

3.1. -Click on the "New" drop down box and select "Mail Message".

3.2. -Write in your recipient's address in the "To" box, and fill in a Subject for your message.

4. Adding appointments to your calendar.

4.1. -Click on the "Calendar" tab on the lower left hand side of the screen, and you will see a daily calendar.

4.2. -Choose a date and double click on the time slot to add an appointment.

5. Inviting others to an Appointment.

5.1. -Once you've set an appointment, click on "Invite Attendees" under the "Appointment" tab.

5.2. -You may also set how far in advance an alarm is given to remind those attending.

6. Making a distribution list.

6.1. -Click on the drop down box entitled "New" and select "Distribution List".

6.2. -You may view members by clicking on the "Members" button in the "Show" group.

6.3. -You may add new members by clicking on the "Add New" button in the "Members" group.

7. Adding contacts to your address book.

7.1. -Under the "New" drop down box, click on "Contact".

7.2. -Add general information regarding the person you wish to add.

8. Selecting contacts when sending a message.

8.1. -When writing a new e-mail message, click on the "To" box and select contacts from your list.