Treaty of Versailles (28th June 1919)

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Treaty of Versailles (28th June 1919) by Mind Map: Treaty of Versailles (28th June 1919)

1. Woodrow Wilson - USA

1.1. Germany shouldn't be treated so harshly

1.2. A lasting world peace

1.3. League of Nations

1.4. Disarmament and self-determination to all countries

1.5. Alsace Lorraine to France

1.6. His 14 points

2. David Loydd George - Britain

2.1. Germany shouldn't be treated harshly

2.2. Germany's disarmament

2.2.1. Especially the Navy which he wanted to sink

2.3. High reparations to repair Britain

2.4. Lost of Germany'colonies

3. George Clemenceau - France

3.1. High reparations for the damage

3.2. Germany should be treated harshly

3.3. The return of the Alsace-Lorraine

3.4. The independence of Rhine Land

4. Terms of the Treaty

4.1. Blame

4.1.1. Germany had to take all the blame for starting WW1

4.2. Reparations

4.2.1. They all eventually agreed that Germany had to pay for the damage.

4.2.2. In 1921 the figure sat at 6.6 billion pounds that Germany didn't finish paying till 1984.

4.3. Disarmament

4.3.1. The army was limited to 100,000 men.

4.3.2. Conscription was banned all, soldiers had to be volunteers.

4.3.3. They were not allowed submarines and aircrafts

4.3.4. They were only allowed 6 battle ships.

4.3.5. The Rhineland was banned from them.

4.4. Territories and colonies

4.4.1. Germany's overseas empire was taken away.


5.1. They were horrified by the huge reparations

5.1.1. Germany's economy was already in trouble

5.2. They didn't think they should take the blame for starting the war

5.3. They felt humiliated at losing German land and colonies

5.4. War Guilt Clause

5.4.1. They didn't think they should take the blame for starting the war

5.4.2. They feared that the reparations would cripple

5.5. They felt betrayed because Woodrow Wilson had promised them the 14 points

5.6. Disarmament

5.6.1. 100,000 men was a very small army, Germany's army was a sign of their pride.

5.7. Territories

5.7.1. The loss of territories was a major blow to the German pride.

5.7.2. The Saar and Upper Silesia were good industrial areas.

5.7.3. The French and the British both started to take over the German colonies.

6. Land lost to another countries

6.1. Upper Silesia to Poland

6.2. Rhineland Demilitarised

6.3. Alsace-Lorraine to France