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Traffic Locator by Mind Map: Traffic Locator

1. Nearest Traffic, Traffic On the way to destination, local and city traffic

2. There is an "On & Off" option for voice vommand

2.1. An example would be like you could say "Traffic Locator show me the nearest traffic or what is traffic like on the way to Columbus."

3. Local & City traffic tells you the traffic in your area

3.1. An example would be you live in Phenix City it will tell you the traffic in Columbus, Phenix City , and Opelika

4. Traffic on the way- You give the GPS where you are wanting to go and it shows you all the traffic you could possibly run into

4.1. An example would be if you tell the app you want to go tot he Chick-Fil-A on 280 it will tell you how much traffic there is on 280 and a detour way to take to get there quicker

5. Nearest traffic- Tells you all the traffic surrounding you and also gives you a quicker way to get to your destination without running into traffic

5.1. An example would be if you are about to leave your house and head East the traffic locator will tell you the congested areas that are East and the busy roads

6. By Kelci House & Anijah Rias

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