Cybernation- Discussion 4 Augmented Reality

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Cybernation- Discussion 4 Augmented Reality by Mind Map: Cybernation- Discussion 4 Augmented Reality

1. Ingress- Its Time to Move


2. Virtual Reality

2.1. In an article written by JD Sartain virtual reality is defined by Blau (2012) as a “immersive environments where the user either wears a head mounted display that shows a completely synthetic environment

2.1.1. After reading the course material it has broadened my perspective on virtual reality and allowed me to understand that it is a combination of a virtual world with real life physical attributes, sounds, and images. The combination allows the virtual world to be fully submissive, seen through games such as Runescape and World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft

2.2. From this statement we are able to differentiate augmented reality vs. virtual reality through the utilization of the environment around us. In todays world another key difference is the use of technology and the most easily recognizable component of virtual reality is the head mounted piece allowing one to be fully submerged into the virtual world.

2.2.1. Head Mounted Piece

2.3. Another example of this that is relatable to many of us is the use of keyboard and mouse to interact with massive multiplayer online games described in our module such as Second Life. As seen in the Second Life infographic a large amount of time is spent in the virtual world, this is largely because in a world where no one is face to face the lines of reality tend to fade and social acceptance is much easier for many.

2.3.1. In 10 years of Second Life a total of 217,266 years was spent online

2.4. When thinking about the future of Virtual Reality it is obvious to me the trend of the virtual world is just beginning.

2.4.1. In the article "Virtual reality: More virtual than real" written by JD Sartain the use of virtual reality has only started to begin in industries such as learning assistance, scientific researches such as molecular biology and imaging platforms for animation design. To read more about virtual reality and the foreseeable future please take a look at this article! Virtual reality: More virtual than real

3. References

4. Augmented Reality

4.1. The definition of augmented reality according to is; "A system or technology used to produce such an enhanced environment."

4.1.1. This definition leads us to further understand augmented reality through the digital interfaces presented to us in the real world. For example, third party devices such as smart phone applications like Pokemon Go and Snapchat. After reading the course material it became clear to me that augmented reality is much more then seeing these translated interfaces and also what we hear and

4.2. According to Drell (2012), “The virtual layer is designed to add information to that which you already know”. This statement tells us that augmented reality is built off pre-existing parts of our world and adds to that via augmentation.

4.2.1. Virtual Layering

4.2.2. Augmentation Another major example of known by many is Snapchat. Many people in today's society use the application daily but are unaware of the use of augmented reality. Outlined in Mashables video "What is Augmented Reality and How Does it Work?" Snapchat It is stated that “Snapchat uses facial recognition to create a target image of my face to project digital information onto my face."

4.3. In our course material augmented reality is described as “a way we perceive things”. I’ve taken it upon myself to find some examples of how augmented reality does this exactly and how large companies such as Disney and even the US Army utilize augmented reality for their benefits!

4.3.1. United States Army

4.3.2. Disney

5. Ingress

5.1. For the main portion of this discussion I decided to create a video to detail my experience with a augmented reality application called Ingress

5.1.1. As mentioned in the video here are some links to dive into the world of Ingress for yourself! Ingress

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