Highly Integrated Questions

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Highly Integrated Questions by Mind Map: Highly Integrated Questions

1. Cases

1.1. Stephan Jansen

1.1.1. How can we achieve a smog-free city?

1.1.2. Who is building national education- and social systems that are ready for such an digital transformation?

1.1.3. Who is making money out of data?

1.1.4. Who is building the robots that build other robots?

1.2. Dutch Railway

1.2.1. How to improve timing of the trains?

1.2.2. How to enhance customer and employee's experience?

1.3. IDH

1.3.1. How to create a sustainable supply chain?

1.3.2. How to create a collaborative space in which private and public collaborate?

1.4. Bicicli - Cycling Society

1.4.1. How can we achieve sustainable city development?

1.4.2. How to create a urban-interconnected traffic system?

1.5. Hitachi

1.5.1. How does technology contribute to social innovations?

1.6. OPEN

1.6.1. How can we create an environment where trust is high in a country that has no trust?

1.6.2. How can we create a level playing field for rich and poor, young and old in a country that is very divided and very unequal?

1.7. Cape Town

1.7.1. How to deal with the upcoming water crisis?

1.7.2. How to create a long-term, sustainable water supply for the city?

2. Characteristics

2.1. high level goal

2.2. Purpose of question is indiscussible

2.3. Expertise diversity required

2.4. It is highly connected to value creating

2.5. It is always a step higher then a regular question - strategical

2.6. They base on principles

2.7. bring order into chaos

2.8. deeply understand a question/problem

2.9. Research-focused

3. Concepts

3.1. Chaos Theory

3.2. Integrative thinking

3.3. Social Innovation

3.4. Integrative Innovation

3.5. Complexity

3.6. Biases

3.7. Decision-Making

3.8. logical level framework

3.9. Cross-Bounding Teams

3.10. Cynefin Framework

4. Ideas

4.1. Wholeness

4.2. Design-Thinking

4.3. Expertise diversity

4.4. Simplifying complexity

4.5. SDG's as highly integrative questions of the future

5. Kessels and Smit

5.1. What is our Culture?

5.2. What is our Identity

5.3. What is our Role/Impact?

6. Interventions for K&S

6.1. inspiring Article

6.2. co-creation platform

6.3. Workshop

6.4. creative

6.4.1. Video

6.4.2. Pictures

6.4.3. Vlog

6.4.4. mind-mapping

6.4.5. stories

6.4.6. Theater