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The Crusades by Mind Map: The Crusades

1. The Second Crusade 1145-1149

1.1. Zangi King Louis VII King Conrad III Nur al-Din Pope Eugene III Odo of Deuil Manuel I Komnenos

1.2. The goal was to recapture the County of Edessa from that forces of Zangi (Muslim Turks).

1.3. The effect was that the County of Edessa was lost to the Muslim Turks.

2. The Third Crusade 1189-1192

2.1. Nur al-Din Saladin Shirkuh Frederick Barbarossa Phillip II of France Richard the Lionhearted

2.2. The goal of the Third Crusade was to recover Jerusalem from Saladin, who had captured it completely.

2.3. The effects were that a treaty was made so the Muslims could keep Jerusalem but Christian pilgrims could travel there freely.

3. The Fourth Crusade 1202-1204

3.1. Pope Innocent III Alexius III Alexius IV Enrico Dandolo Saladin

3.2. The goal was to capture Constantinople after the truce between Richard and Saladin failed.

3.3. The effect was that Constantinople was sacked and taken by the Crusaders.

4. The First Crusade 1096-1099

4.1. Pope Urban II Raymond of Saint-Gilles Godfrey of Boullion Hugh of Vermandois Bohemond of Taranto Peter the Hermit Count Emicho Alexius

4.2. The goal was to recapture the Holy Land from the Muslim Turks.

4.3. The effects were that Christians captured Jerusalem & other small cities, then divided the Holy Land into four states. Hundreds of people were slaughtered.

5. The Spanish Crusade

5.1. The effort to drive the Muslims out of Spain