Triangle Concurrency

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Triangle Concurrency by Mind Map: Triangle Concurrency

1. 4-1 Congruence & Transformations

1.1. Rigid Transformation- Some kind of movement of the shape on the graph like reflections, rotations, and translations.

1.2. Dilation- The shape in the graph does not move to one place or another, it either shrinks or extend the shape on the graph

1.3. Isometry- Same movement as rigid transformation but another word for it

2. 4-2 Classifying Triangles

2.1. Acute Triangle- A triangle that has all 3 angles less then 90 degrees

2.2. Equiangular Triangle-A triangle that has all 3 equal angles

2.3. Right Angle-A triangle that has one 90 degree angle

2.4. Obtuse angle-A triangle that has one angle that exceeds 90 degrees

2.5. Equilateral Triangle-A triangle that has all equal sides

2.6. Isosceles-A triangle that has only two equal sides

2.7. Scalene-A triangle that has no equal sides

3. 4-3 Angel Relationships in Triangles

3.1. Auxiliary Line-A line that is added to a figure to aid in a proof

3.2. Corollary-A theorem whose proof follows another theorem

3.3. Exterior-An angle that is inside the shape

3.4. Interior-An angle that is outside of the figure

4. 4-5 Triangle Congruence: SSS SAS

4.1. Triangle Rigidity-A property of the triangle that it's fixed on all sides

4.2. Included angle-An angle formed by two adjacent sides of a polygon

5. 4-4 Congruent Triangles

5.1. Corresponding sides-Same position in polygons with the same sides

5.2. Corresponding angles-Same position in polygons with the same angles

5.3. Congruent Polygons-Polygons with the same number of sides and all have corresponding angles

6. 4-6 Triangle Congruence: ASA AAS HL

6.1. Included sides-The common side of two consecutive angles in a polygon

7. 4-7 Triangle Congruence: CPCTC

7.1. CPCTC-Corresponding parts of congruent triangles are congruent