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1. Personal experience

1.1. didn't go through struggles

1.2. mind accepted begin friends with people form different cultures in a young age

1.3. mind learned how to accept people

1.4. learned how to treat everyone equally

1.5. people questioned me about my friends from different cultures

1.6. realized culture differences do not set humanity differences

1.7. realized different origins makes everyone unique in different ways

1.8. living in Canada i have learned how to meet new people

1.9. learned how to create diverse relations with everyone

2. Immigration

2.1. Statistics

2.2. "Newcomers play a vital role in our society"

2.3. Strengthens economy

2.4. welcoming 1million new immigrants in next three years

2.5. meting of love ones

2.6. for a better life

2.6.1. better education

2.6.2. better jobs Canadian unemployed rate 6.8%

2.7. health care

2.7.1. life exprectnacy is 80.93

2.8. Immigration Policy

2.8.1. Multiculturalism promotes the full and equitable participants of individuals and communities of all origins in all aspects of Canadian society.

3. Multiculturism

3.1. Influenced by European Culture

3.2. Adapted by government of Canada in 1970

3.3. Gave reasons for people to settle here

3.4. ideological

3.4.1. Public emphasis on social importance

3.4.2. Culture influences in unity and coexistence makes up canadian culture

3.5. Canada was the first country to adapt multiculturalism

3.6. examples

3.6.1. Muslims perform prayers in Canadian convention centers

3.6.2. Chinese grocery stores

3.6.3. Italians working in hospitals

3.6.4. Indian Teachers

3.6.5. Spanish restaurants

4. Society

4.1. associated with eachother

4.2. people live together

4.3. organised group of people

4.4. village

4.5. economy

4.6. city

4.7. Canadian society shaped by several cultures

5. Culture

5.1. way of living of people

5.2. passed from one generation to another

5.3. causes societies to differentiate from one another

5.4. fashion

5.5. lifestyle

5.6. food

5.7. music/art

5.8. Several cultures and ethnic groups present in Canada

6. Family Path

6.1. part of the 250 000 people who landed in Canada in 1995

6.2. Setteled in Montreal

6.3. mom, dad, grandparents and two older siblings

6.4. mother worked in an accounts office

6.5. father and grandfather made an attempt to start own business

6.6. father and grandfather worked at minimum wage in Montreal

6.7. moved to Toronto in 2000

6.8. mother is a happy house wife

6.9. dad own his own business

6.10. went through long tough process