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1. Home

1.1. Slide Show Movie

1.1.1. Software Development {Description} {ScreenShot}

1.1.2. Web Development {Description} {ScreenShot}

1.1.3. Web Design description {ScreenShot}

1.2. {Title Text}

1.2.1. Nintriva is a suitable IT Solution Company that focuses on providing efficient software solutions to all.The growth and performance of Nintriva has been very much due to the ability, perfomance and dedication of Nintriva's Human Resources, all of whom are committed to the service of our customers and the need to continually improve the quality and reliability of all products and services that Nintriva provides

1.3. {Our Mission}

1.3.1. To ensure our customers total satisfaction by providing value based services and upholding their trust at all costs. To develop into an organisation commercially competetive, future oriented, creative and socially responsible.

1.4. {Our Vision}

1.4.1. Nintriva’s aims at providing the best possible values in desktop and web solutions for the development and deployment of your critical business information system sytems.

2. About

2.1. {Description}

2.1.1. We are Nintriva ,a software firm based in Kerala,India. We at Nintriva, provide services in various fields such as Software Development and Maintenance, Technology Consultation, Payment Solutions, Application Development and Maintenance, Business Intelligence, On-site Software Services, Web Design, Animation and Support Services. Nintriva also provides services in Corporate Training for various institutions to enable every professional realize their inner potential and help them chase their dreams. Founded on the core values of teamwork, hardwork, dedication, trust, commitment and success, by a team consisting of young and talented engineers who with the will to be entrepreneurs from student life itself, and under the guidance of highly efficient and experienced professionals, Nintriva provides, using the best resources drawn from its talent pool, the best quality-assured products and services to its customers.

2.2. Mission

2.2.1. New node

2.3. Vision

2.4. Clients

3. Contact

3.1. Feedback Form

3.2. Facebook

3.3. Twitter

3.4. LinkedIn


4.1. Brouchure

4.2. Product Catalogs

5. Technologies

5.1. CMS

5.1.1. Drupal

5.1.2. JOOMLA

5.2. PHP

5.2.1. Yii-framework Yii is a high -performance PHP framework best for developing Web 2.0 applications.We are using the latest Yii version i.e., Yii 1.1.7 for building web apps. Features: ->Fast Yii has a powerful caching support.It is explicitly designed to work efficiently with AJAX. ->Secure Through Yii we are providing an amazing security which are input validatoin,output filtering,SQL injection and Cross-site scripting prevention for your web apps. ->Professional Yii providing clean and reusable code.It follows the MVC pattern whic h ensuring a clear separation of logic and presentation.

5.3. Flash

5.4. Python

5.5. C++

5.6. XHTML / CSS3

5.7. Mobile Application Development

5.7.1. Android

5.7.2. iOS

5.7.3. WebKit Framework JQuery Mobile PhoneGap

5.8. JQuery Framework

6. Portfolio

6.1. Work Showcases

6.1.1. Web Applications AuditBook {Descriptions} {ScreenShots} SchoolDiary School Diary is a software that helps in tracking day-to-day activities of a school. It is an efficient user-friendly software and solves the most complex tasks in school administration. It covers almost all the tedious tasks done manually by the staffs. An easy way to track and trace students, school diary is designed to enable the staffs to access student details, both personal and academic. It provides an easier way to access the required information of the students by staffs and higher authorities of the school. New node {ScreenShots} Travelougue {Description} {ScreenShots} BillBook {Description} {ScreenShots} PourTavern {Description} {ScreenShots} TheCurator {Description} {ScreenShots}

6.1.2. Web Sites {ScreenShots} PTMYHSS {ScreenShots} CSHSS {ScreenShots} Alyarmookonline {ScreenShots} TropicalForester {ScreenShots}

6.1.3. Desktop Applications May Be we can include some of my applications here (Thing is that, most of em are half baken)

6.1.4. Mobil Applications Android Applications iOS Applications

7. Services

7.1. Desktop Development

7.2. Web Application Development

7.3. Web Design & Profile Development

7.4. Hardware Design & Development

7.5. Modular Robotics

7.6. Mobile Application Development

7.6.1. Android Application Development

7.6.2. iOS Application Development

7.6.3. WebKit Based Mobile App Development

7.7. Skill Set Development (Project Assistance)

8. Products

8.1. NMax

8.2. Panther (Robotics Platform)

8.3. SchoolDiary

8.4. TheCurator