Business Entrepreneurship

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Business Entrepreneurship by Mind Map: Business Entrepreneurship

1. Create an idea

1.1. Perfect your idea

1.1.1. Execute idea

2. Understand your strengths

2.1. Know your expertise

2.1.1. Communication

2.1.2. Customer Service

2.2. Passions

2.2.1. Motivation Profit

2.3. Get a mentor

3. Set Goals

3.1. Work on completing one goal before starting another

3.2. Aim high

3.3. Stay on track

4. Determine your weaknesses

4.1. Stay positive

4.2. Work on changing negative habits

4.3. Recognize that change is possible

4.4. Step out of your comfort zone

5. Prioritize your time effectively

5.1. Stay organized

5.2. Create physical and mental to-do lists

5.3. Set aside personal time

5.3.1. Shortly disconnect from technology each day

6. Keep learning

6.1. Make it a goal to learn something new everyday

6.2. Get a mentor

6.2.1. Set an image of your future

6.3. Connect with your community

6.4. Think outside of the box