Defending North America

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Defending North America by Mind Map: Defending North America

1. Canada's Role in the Cuban Missile Crisis

1.1. Against Canada's Role in the Cuban Missile Crisis: #1. Diefenbaker was opposed to helping America with military aid as he felt they needed more evidence of nuclear weaponry and didn't believe the photographs they had. This made Americans mad and many Canadians were upset also. #2 Diefenbaker wanted the UN to send fact finding mission to Cuba and implied he did not believe US Photographs. #3 Diefenbaker believed that Kennedy's "arrogance" had endangered North America and could have resulted in Nuclear War. #4 Americans expected to have support from their North American ally NORAD, it angered them when Canada did not agree to help.

1.2. For Canada's Role in the Cuban Missile Crisis - #1 People in Canada felt the government should have supported the American actions and assisted them immediately. #2. It was the most heated moment of the Cold War and as these super powers struggle for ideological dominance. #3. International alliances were challenged, great leaders arose and were broken down and life-threatening decisions were made during 13 uneasy days. #4. Diefenbaker was supportive of American action during the crisis but did not give them unequivocal support.

2. For the Scraping of the Avro Arrow - #1.The Avro was very expensive to build and Canadians were not in a position to front the bill for it with no orders from other countries. #2. Space technology was advancing and there were fears the fighter aircraft would soon be obsolete. #3. Many say the Avro was big but not that fast. Apparently it was not as spectacular as Canadians thought. #4. Canadians had no orders for the plane and had only built 5. They couldn't afford to build anymore without other countries pre-ordering.

3. Canada's Acceptance of Nuclear Weapons

3.1. For Nuclear Weapons - #1. The Liberal party wanted The Canadian Forces to accept Nuclear Weapons to prepare for the worst like their Ally the US. #2. The Us created the Bomarc missile and many Canadians felt we should get on board and get with the technology times also. #3. The US believed Canada should accept Nuclear weapons so they can fight against Communist Aggression. #4. Many Business Leaders were for nuclear weapons as they were worried the US might get upset with Canada and it could affect trade and investments with them.

3.2. Against Nuclear Weapons - #1, The Conservatives were divided and many felt Nuclear Weapons could start a war. #2 The Minister of External Affairs thought it was hypocritical of Canada to ask the UN to encourage disarmament but then Canada get Nuclear Weapons #3. Defence Minister argued that nuclear weapons were vital to protect against communist aggressors, however many people felt this would start a nuclear war. #4. Canada really hesitated with this decision and the US felt they weren't a strong Ally for NATO or NORAD without nuclear weapons.

4. Against the Scraping of the Avro Arrow - #1. Many feel the Avro was a technology leader and would have been a very positive advancement from Canada. #2. The Avro was designed and built in Canada and therefore helped the work force and economy. #3. The Avro was a sleek and bold statement for our nation #4. The Avro could have taken nuclear weapons to Canada from the USA if needed.

5. The Scraping of the Arvo Arrow