Red Sweat in the Sky

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Red Sweat in the Sky by Mind Map: Red Sweat in the Sky

1. Possible causes

1.1. Environments

1.1.1. Indoor/Outdoor Air Quality Humidity Temperature Air Pollution Ozone Gas Poly-sorbant Air Filter Cartridge

1.1.2. Equipment Surface Polymer Coating on Counter and Restroom Surfaces Special Plastic coating for beverages carts Passenger Life Vest Demo Equipment

1.1.3. New Cleanser

1.2. People

1.2.1. Cosmetic

1.2.2. Disease

1.3. Food and Beverages

2. PROBLEMS ??!!!!

2.1. Red-spot, blood like fluids on

2.1.1. Faces

2.1.2. Hands

2.1.3. Necks

2.2. Only occurred among the flight attendants

2.3. Itchiness and burning sensation on face after wiping the face

2.4. Only happened to Eastern's new European-produced A300 Airbus jets

2.5. Occurred in 1980