Xochitl Ashe Online Millionaire Transformational Presence.

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Xochitl Ashe Online Millionaire Transformational Presence. by Mind Map: Xochitl Ashe Online Millionaire Transformational Presence.

1. personality/things I like to do

1.1. Travel

1.2. Live in a different country in the world learn from master spiritual teachers, build community, fall in love with the culture, try new things, visit markets.

1.3. Be, swim, float, play, sun tan in beautiful warm bodies of water: Tropical Beaches, Rivers and waterfalls

1.4. Do ceremony

1.5. Dance

1.6. Brazil EVERYTHING, music, speaking Portuguese, living there, my friends there, the natural beauty.

1.7. spend quality time with my self

1.8. spend quality time with Foxi

1.9. Spending quality time with Alex

1.10. spend quality time with my fam (blood and community)

1.11. learning anything to further my spiritual practice, personal development, improve my relationships and Abundance through doing more of what I love.

1.12. create a beautiful loving home with my partner with massive land where we can have community live and visit, ceremonial space, a healing center, grow our food, mushrooms and hemp and anything to do with that.

1.13. cook the most delicious vegan food and learn more about cooking.

1.14. create community

2. How can I help

2.1. I coach these clients one-one and get them connected to their self love and source (god/dess). Once they are connected they realize that pachamama is always able to provide as long as we live in harmony with her.

2.2. I have online workshops to support an Abundance Morning Practice: Dive in to Abundance.

2.3. I develop new programs that teach about sacred money and how to remove any obstacles that are present to real sustainable conscious financial wealth

2.4. Develop a podcast called "Sacred Money" Where we interview conscious visionaries, Medicine People, Leaders and entrepreneurs who are changing the world with their projects and/or businesses.

3. Unique Spin

3.1. Coming from a Mexican/Peruvian shamanic background and blending Eastern Spiritual philosophy as well as proven ground breaking Personal development techniques my method combines all these ancient and modern master teachings to assist the client to connect to their truth. In this journey they can see their selfs clearly, the magnificent things they are capable of and take action on their hearts vision with POWER and EFFECTIVENESS.

4. Weaknesses

4.1. has been known to take on too much and feel overwhelm

4.2. has been disorganized with paper work and accounting but is currently working on it.

4.3. has had a problem with over-giving and currently allowing to receive more

4.4. Has had a hard time in the past asking for help and feels like she needs to do it her self

4.5. in the past sometimes forgets to self care or put her self first

5. Strengths

5.1. Great at building relationships that last and are deep connections.

5.2. Community builder

5.3. amazing Idea bank

5.4. Extremely creative

5.5. great teacher

5.6. Can see beyond the superficial "seer"

5.7. Money magnet

5.8. great communicator

5.9. can connect others to spirit and magic

5.10. leader

5.11. loving support

5.12. great listener

5.13. can live anywhere in the world and create an amazing life and build loving community

5.14. enjoys time by her self and at the same time plays well with others

5.15. Open to loving feedback and ways to improve

6. values/beliefs

6.1. I believe that being seen and seeing the divinity in others is next level love

6.2. I am pachamamas favorite child...and so are you

6.3. love your self first and then everything falls in to place

6.4. When we honor, take care and love pachamama she in turn makes our life a magical heaven on earth.

6.5. The best teacher is always the best student.

6.6. We all can have it all! great spirit and pachamama love us and always take care of us.

7. Who I love working with

7.1. Clients who are ready to dive deep and do the work needed to transform their present condition

7.2. Clients who invest $, time and energy in their personal transformation

7.3. Clients who love me and love supporting my vision as well and share and recommend me to other clients.

7.4. Clients who come back because our work together was life changing

8. why I care

8.1. There is nothing that makes me happier than when a person can see their magnificence. There is no greater joy that is felt in my heart than when someone can get over a block, a resistance or heal and ancient wound that has kept them from the happiness they deserve. Their is no better feeling in my heart when I can assist someone in connecting deeper to God/dess.

8.2. All my clients get more connected to Pachamama during our time together. They get to honor her in a new way and realize that they must love and take care of her. This makes me feel that I am living my mission as a guardian of pachamama.

9. Who I serve

9.1. Spiritually based Women ages 20-55 who are professional or entrepreneurs. They are brilliant and have a conscious business or idea in the works that will benefit their community and/or the world. They need to recognize their value and accept that abundance is their birth right.

10. Strengths